S1 E20: I did 100 push ups for 30 days and THIS HAPPENED!

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Introducing: Relatable Stories with Rylan Banis

Do you find yourself Bored and searching through hundreds of different podcast categories to find a New and Entertaining podcast to listen to? If Yes, then this is the podcast you’re looking for. In this podcast you’ll listen to the world’s most entertaining stories on almost any topic imaginable that will make you feel relatable. I’m just a regular kid who started this podcast out of curiosity to help you never feel bored again. Every week we dive into new topics which will leave you – laughing, ranting and wanting for more. New Episodes Release Every Sunday.


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S1 E20: I did 100 push ups for 30 days and THIS HAPPENED!

What do you think happens to your body when you do 3000 push ups in a month? I know you’re curious, so in this episode I share the answer to that question, some do’s and don’ts and most importantly some SECRETS that will help you MAXIMIZE your GAINS if you were to attempt this challenge yourself

S1 E19: How To not Celebrate Birthdays

Have you ever celebrated your birthday? I know it’s a dumb question but what if I told you’ve been celebrating it wrong all along? In this episode I share the correct way to celebrate a birthday, occasional ranting and my lame ass history with birthdays and my most recent birthday party

S1 E18: How to not use Netflix

Two kinds of people are reading this, one are the kind of people who have parents paying for their Netflix and two are the kind of people like me who don’t have Netflix. In this episode I share the crazy story behind why I don’t have Netflix, and my thoughts on Amazon Prime Video and a comparison between the two streaming apps and lastly discuss my opinion on some pirated options of viewing movies and television shows

S1 E17: Why I Didn’t Bunk A Single Lecture in College

Have you ever bunked a lecture in college? Actually my bad, I think you’ve bunked way too many for my liking. In this episode I share the SECRET to why and most importantly how I didn’t bunk a single lecture in my college for an entire year

S1 E16: How To Text Girls

I’ve come to know from some sources that you’re bad at texting girls, is that True? No problem, by the end of this episode, you shall become a Master at it. In this Episode I share the 5 SECRETS that you need to follow while texting girls so that girls start giving you the attention you deserve and build the relationships that you always wanted

S1 E15: What Career you should Choose to Achieve Success

Some of you asked me, what’s my Future Career and Stream, so I decided to make a podcast answering it. In this episode I do that including giving you advice and really powerful SECRETS which I’ve learned from my failures which you can use to achieve Success

S1 E14: How to Overcome your Fears

I, you and everyone has fears. I personally am deathly afraid of public speaking, most commonly known as stage freight. Tune into this episode to find out whether I’m able to overcome my fears and become a great speaker or whether I fail and succumb to my fears. Listen till the end as I tell you how you can overcome your fears

S1 E13: How To Confess feelings to your Crush

Have you ever confessed your feelings to your Crush? I apparently did, and got a crazy, unexpected reaction. Stick around till the end to find out what was her reaction and whether I get accepted or rejected

S1 E12: How To not STALK!

Have you ever Stalked? Probably yes and while doing so you might’ve become sloppy and the person whom you were stalking must’ve caught you. Yep, that’s something that happened to me too although in a much more CRAZY way, listen till the end to find out how my Crush caught me stalking and what was her reaction

S1 E11: How to Look COOL and Be SMART

People always perceived me to be the cool guy. After thorough analysis I realised what it was that made me project that personality. Listen till the end to find out how you too can look COOL and be SMART

S1 E10: How to get a FREE PS4 Pro!

If you’re a PlayStation Lover, let’s face it you love the PS4 but some of you aren’t fortunate enough to possess it. Neither was I, but something beyond my control happened and I recieved the PS4 PRO for FREE. Listen till the end to find out how I got the FREE PS4 and how you can possibly too

S1 E9: How To not Travel for Vacations

This episode speaks about what happened to me during a vacation that made me terrified, to ever, Ever go again on vacations. Listen till the end to find out what happens

S1 E8: How to throw the Best Birthday Party

How to throw the Best Birthday Party? Well I didn’t know myself until i.e My friend once threw a suprise birthday party which was supposedly the best birthday party in history. Listen till the end to find out what made it so Epic!

S1 E7: How to make the most of School and Maximize Fun

Two kinds of people are reading this – the ones who loved it, and the ones who hated it. I suppose you belong to the latter. But what if I told you that would not be the case, if you did this one thing. This one thing that would change the way you perceive School and interact with it, well guess what? This episode speaks about why school may not actually be truly bad. Listen till the end to find out whether I believe school is the worst or cave in with others saying school is actually pretty good

S1 E6: How to not Cut your Hair! Worst Hair FAIL!

No HAIR FAIL in the world is comparable to the one I went through. I really don’t want you guys to go through the same, so guess what? This episode is a sequel to the episode, “Why you should never cut your hair” Listen this story till the end to find out what made me make the decision of going bald. And how it started in the first place!

S1 E5: How To make COVID-19 your opportunity to Success

I know you’ve been wasting time during Quarantine, although deep within you, you want to be productive, be Successful. Well guess what? This episode will share the secrets that you need to know, to become successful during quarantine and how to use this situation to your advantage

S1 E4: How To Confess to your Crush during Quarantine

I’ll tell you how exactly you can confess to your crush during quarantine, step by step. In this episode, you’ll find out how I made myself a Quarantine Crush. Was I Successful in making her my girlfriend or did I fail halfway? Listen to the end till find out

S1 E3: Why you should Never cut your Hair

I tell you exactly why you should not cut your hair, If you’re planning on growing it out. This is the story and history of me with my hair, listen till the end to find out what happens that makes me never want to cut my hair EVER AGAIN!

S1 E2: How To keep your Crush

In this episode, I tell you what you should do in order to not lose your crush i.e how to keep her. This is the sequel to the first episode “How To become friends with your Crush.” Listen to this episode till the end to find out what happened that made it impossible for me to reveal my feelings to my crush

S1 E1: How To become friends with your Crush

In this episode, I tell you step by step how you can become friends with your crush. And how better to do it than to show you amirite? This is the story of how I met my first crush and made her my friend eventually leading upto my girlfriend. Listen till the end to find out whether I was successful in doing so, or did I fail half way

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